History and Philosophy of  Örglwirt, Mariapfarr, Austria


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History and Philosophy of Örglwirt’s Holiday World

Longstanding tradition behind the family business

Familie Santner und Fuchs

Our family history dates back to 800 years ago and has used the house name „Örglwirt“ for over 350 years.

Siblings Sabine Fuchs & Andreas Santner are continuing this tradition of hospitality as the 6th generation of family that can still be felt in every corner of the property.


Assisting family members are on site to attend to your wishes every day of your stay. Andreas Santner and the senior manager chef, Elfriede Santner prepare meals with love in Örglwirt‘s nature’s kitchen- and you can taste the difference. Products from the farm are prepared on site, along with traditional Austrian dishes and specialities from other countries. We understanding cooking as an artistic craft here- fast food and buffet cuisine can be found elsewhere.

The service, the reception and the house floors are managed by Sabine Santner together with senior chef Armin Santner. The two of them together with all our employees will ensure that your holiday in the sunniest region of Austria is an unforgettable experience.

Our family members will always be there for you throughout our active weekly program.


History of the family business

Hotel Post-Örglwirt in Mariapfarr has a venerable history. This "Tafern" (from the latin taberna = inn) originally belonged to the local Lungau castle. The last owner of the castle, Knight Chunrad de Pharr, left in 1217 as crusader to Jerusalem and before he left, he bequeathed the castle and these unnamed "Tafern" to the church, should he not return home alive from this crusade.


The original document of 1217 is in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna. Below on the left is the picture of Family Santner & Fuchs with a copy of the certificate.


From then on, the property was „leased“ to the clergy of Mariapfarr. In addition to the annual "Stüft", they produced a "Humpen Kostwein" by the barrel. By 1550 it had to be rebuilt, and in these years reverend Hans von Chuenburg resided in the house. Therefore, it was registered in the land title books by the name „Old Rectory“.



Family Santner and Fuchs with a copy of the original certificate
Coat of the Santner family in the Hotel Post Örglwirt in Mariapfarr
Windscreen with history boards in the Hotel Post Örglwirt
It has been owned since 1839 by the Santner family

In 1645 reverend Michael Bayerhofer sold the inn to his brother George ("Örg") Bayerhofer. From this "Örg" the inn now became widely known by the name "ÖRGLWIRT" and on 28. March 1839 Anton Lankmayer purchased the inn and it came into the possession of our family.


He then bequeathed the property to his son Anton Lankmayer junior, whose brother Matthias Lankmayer also took over the adjacent Thomalwirt. In 1919 the inn was then passed on to his daughter Elise and her husband Rupert Grall.


On 1 January 1949, the guesthouse was acquired by her daughter Frieda and her husband Andreas Santner (Schilcherwirtssohn aus Unternberg). In 1958, the farm was closed and in its place a large dining hall with 17 additional guest rooms was built.

 Windscreen with history boards in the Hotel Post Örglwirt
Restaurant with slogan painted on the wall at the Hotel Post Örglwirt
Entrance area in the Hotel Örglwirt

Since 1980 the Post-Örglwirt guesthouse has been managed by Armin and managing chef Elfriede Santner. In 1980 the dining room was remodeled, in 1984 the "Zirm-Stube" bar was built and in 1987/88 6 more comfortable rooms were added.


In 1991 and 1992 two apartment buildings for a total of 8 family apartments were built and in 2000 an additional 4 apartments were built in Landhaus Santner.


The "Post-Stube" was remodelled in 1998 and the entrance and reception area was remodelled in 1999. Since 1999, a spa experience is also available for guests.  In 1994, the farm was renewed, and there are now sheep, horses, ponies and goats, as well as produce grown in the garden and served in our restaurant.

Since 1 June 2010 the two siblings Sabine Fuchs & Andreas Santner have taken on the 6th generation of family traditions in the farming and forestry sectors. Both children have been working for many years in the business, with Andreas working since 1994 in the kitchen as a sous-chef and helping also on the farm. Sabine (Since 27. June 2010 she is the mother of our little sunshine Nina and since 16. June 2013 of our other little love Lena) has for many years worked at the reception and in active service and will manage this area as well as the accommodations in the future. 

 Entrance with reception in the Hotel Post Örglwirt
Nina and Lena - the new generation at Hotel Post Örglwirt
Hotelbar with slogan painted on the wall
"Örglwirt has been there for the guests for 800 years..."
Article in the "Salzburger Nachrichten"

... that's what the "Salzburger Nachrichten" wrote in an article about our family business. The Hotel Post-Örglwirt has been family-owned for 178 years. So the year 2017 is a very special jubilee year for us. We are happy to tell you how a small tavern in Mariapfarr became a modern hotel.


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