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Raspberries in Örglwirt's garden

Homemade is better...

Pure nature in Örglwirt's homemade products

We try to make as many products as possible ourselves, because this is the only way we can be sure of offering our guests the best quality and healthy food. Regionality, freshness and quality are particularly important to us.
Schnapps and liqueurs from our own fruit trees, sausages and bacon, mushrooms and mushrooms, jams and teas...hmmm delicious!
Porcini mushrooms

Good from the lamb

Our speciality

Enjoy our speciality, the Örglwirt's lamb roast and other delicacies from our own lambs.

The head of the house and at the same time head chef Andreas Santner has been looking after the in-house lamb farm since 1995. There are delicious lamb specialties for our guests all year round.

Our lambs, of the Suffolk and Jura breeds, spend the summer on the alp in the national park municipality of Muhr and can romp around on our meadows the rest of the year. The lambs are then slaughtered at around 6 to 8 months.
VideoLamb dish in the restaurant at the Hotel Post Örglwirt

From smoking, curing & drying

Lungau delicacies to take away

Bacon from the Santner and Fuchs families

Home-smoked bacon

A special treat are our home-smoked loin bacon and home-smoked bacon.

Cured and air-dried according to old Lungau recipes.
Christmas bratwurst from Mariapfarr

Smoked Christmas sausages

Our famous "Smoked Christmas Sausages" are only available in the pre-Christmas period and only while stocks last, and they are particularly popular. Especially with the locals in our village. We are happy to make reservations for your Christmas dinner: 0043 6473 8207
Dried porcini mushrooms and chanterelles

Dried porcini mushrooms and chanterelles

The most beautiful porcini mushrooms and chanterelles grow in our forests, which we search for, clean and prepare for you ourselves. Anything that we don't use immediately, we dry at home for your special dishes. Refines every dish with a wonderful taste.

Spirits and schnapps - distilled and mixed

from the fruit trees in Örglwirt's garden

We pick the best fruit from our 48 fruit trees and bushes as well as our garden and the head of the house, Andreas Santner, uses it to distill delicious brandies (depending on the season): Rowanberry brandy, Mirabelle plum brandy, 4-fruit brandy, plum brandy, Kriecherl brandy, pear brandy, and many more.

There are also schnapps and liqueurs prepared by Grandma Santner herself: pine schnapps, raspberry schnapps and many more.

Sweet jams

Grandma Santner's jam cuvées taste particularly delicious.

There are different varieties depending on the harvest and season.
  • Aronia - Strawberry
  • Aronia - Raspberry
  • Clear apple - Mirabelle
  • Apricot - Raspberry
  • Red Plum - Strawberry
  • Black currant - Raspberry
  • Clear Apple - Red Plum
  • Yellow Plum
  • And many more…
Tea specialities

Tea specialities

for hot enjoyment

Many flowers and herbs grow in our garden, which we process with wild herbs and blossoms into tasty teas. We offer you various tea blends, such as the invigorating breakfast tea, the calming evening tea and the tasty honey blossom tea.
Homemade schnapps

Put together treat boxes

Online or in person on the phone

Do you still need a gift or would you like to surprise a gourmet with special products? Then put together your own personal treat from our range of products.

You are welcome to do this online by e-mail or by calling: 0043 6473 8207. We are happy!

Örglwirt’s "Bauernkastl"

Our small "shop" on site in Mariapfarr

First enjoy and try and then take it home with you!

This is possible in Örglwirt's Holiday world. You can buy many of our homemade and self-produced delicacies on site and give them away to loved ones or enjoy them yourself.
The "Bauernkastl" in the entrance area
Homemade schnapps
Örglwirt's tea blends to take away

Shopping online

for home

You can also purchase our specialties online. Visit our homemade products online, select items and order by telephone or e-mail. We will send you your products or you can pick them up directly from us in Mariapfarr.
Local. Fresh.Homemade.

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